Dating vintage glass bottles, antique milk bottles

Or pour an entire container of Deck Cleaner and mix carefully with water in the bucket. Any brand tries to protect its products against imitators, online dating who may damage a company's interests if they operate on a large enough scale. All of the bottle mouths shown below were machine made.

Where did the bottle come from, i. The automatic bottle machine was much more precise in gathering an exact amount of glass and the same amount of glass for each bottle this consistency lead to more uniform products. Root bottles carry model numbers. Be aware that none of the pages are all inclusive since related information exists on one or many other website pages. Also keep in mind that bottles could have been used and refilled multiple times.

Group of Bixby shoe dressing bottles. Recycling was very common until the midth century. The three questions found on this page below answer several basic questions about a given bottle.

How to Date Antique Glass Bottles

How to Date and Authenticate Milk Bottles

This is the base of the bottle whose lip is shown above left. Close up of iron pontil Close up of an open pontil milk base for comparison. Do you have any info about these bottles. Vertical side mold seam on the neck of a beer bottle ending well below the finish, indicating that it was at least partially handmade - ca. You should observe the style of Coca-Cola trademark.

How to Date Coke Bottles 15 Ways to Tell if that Iconic Bottle Has Value

Is a pontil mark present along with disappearing side mold seams? This page also shows how other portions of this website can provide information pertinent to the bottle in question. Sometimes, physician dating former authorities print these warnings and you should be aware about these.

Picture courtesy of Jan Wooten. Most have skinnier necks where this one is fatter. The scar was left when the pontil was detached from the bottle.

Notice how sharp and fine the mold seam line is. This page guides a user through the key for seven different type and age bottles with several being side-by-side comparisons of very similar bottles of different eras. But the process was completed in a single blow.

  • The concentric rings are not always as obvious as the picture shows click to enlarge and sometimes not visible, though if present it is a conclusive diagnostic feature.
  • We will also provide you some tips which would help you in this process of differentiation.
  • There is also no neck ring mold seam immediately below the finish like found on most Owens machine produced bottles and on a majority of all machine-made bottles.
Where to Buy and Sell Milk Bottles

As with any collectible item, there are reproduction milk bottles on the market. What type of bottle is it? Some of these are simply modern decorative items or milk bottles used by modern dairies and aren't intended to pass as antiques.

Usually, dating a guy going through symbols must be renewed periodically. Asymmetry is an indication of a hand-blown bottle. The bottle that has the L on it was also presumably made by Laurens. Note the diagonal line which cuts across the base is obliterated by the Owens Ring the large off-center curcular feature. This will give you a general idea about the value of your bottle.

Glass Manufacturers Marks on Coke Bottles

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It would be difficult to present everything in detail. For example, there is information pertinent to dating a bottle on virtually every website page. This will be shallower, wider and more perfectly circular than a pontil mark. Star Glass Works star on base of A.

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You can also clean the outside of the bottle with all-purpose cleaner and water, rubbing well with a damp cloth or very fine steel wool steel wool does not scratch glass. Chattanooga Glass Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Although some older bottles may have no label at all, most do have some type of identifier. Some newer collectors may be confused by these types of bottles appearing on online auctions, at flea markets and antique malls in these odd colors.

Dating Your Old Bottles

Glass Manufacturers Marks on Coke BottlesGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

Does the bottle appear light purple in color? This article is an attempt to present to you about the empirical observations which will help you in recognizing Coke bottles. There is a blank field where all the details go between the skirt and the shoulder. The opinions expressed are those of the author of this website and not necessarily those of The Society for Historical Archaeology nor the Bureau of Land Management.

How to Date Antique Glass Bottles
  1. It has a very bubbled greenish glass, straight sides, and the Coca-Cola emblem down at the bottom.
  2. Is the bottle highly symmetrical, but lacking mold seams?
  3. Hello out there, I found an old heavy coke bottle with Raleigh N.
  4. Coke has also renewed its trademark twice for the past years.



Instead, there is one located near the base of the neck indicating that the neck ring mold portion of the parison mold produced the finish, neck, and a portion of the shoulder. This bottle is probably free-blown or dip molded. It is easy to date Coke bottles that are made by the Root Glass company.

Antique Milk Bottles

It is a mark from Great Britain. Likewise, the Coke manufacturer also took out patents for some aspects that can help you identify them. All turn-mold bottles are round in cross section and unless stained, will usually have a polished looking sheen to the glass surface.

In addition, other references beyond the scope of this website usually must be consulted to get as complete of a dating and typing story as is possible for any given bottle. Shape is one of the first indicators to look for when dating an antique bottle. All this adds to the fascination with bottle making, but makes systematic dating similar to solving Rubik's cube - ostensibly simple on the surface but complex in practice. The earlier green glass ink bottle is also certainly machine-made, most likely on an early semi-automatic, blow-and-blow machine based on its crudeness and lack of a suction scar.

Produced during the era where all bottles were an relatively rare and cherished commodity to be discarded only when broken i. Other diagnostic tools must be used to date these items. Before you buy or sell a milk bottle, it helps to know how much it's worth.

This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. You need to carefully observe for warnings, if any. In short, there was and is nothing to stop a glassmaker from using an obsolete method in the production of a bottle. Before the advent of the paper carton and the plastic milk jug, dairies would send milk men out to individual houses with glass bottles of milk. If you have a rare bottle, it may be worthwhile to get a professional appraisal.

Dating Antique Bottles


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