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We want to bring You deeper into Beauty.

Centuries of magnificient Art are enjoyable purely for their beauty, but a step toward its intimate and original meaning will give the lasting twist to your journey. Let’s point at the Christian message in Giotto, Dante, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo’s masterpieces. To cut Faith off the journey in Florence, is to loose the meaning of all that beauty.

The rise of Florence to be the main cultural and political center of Europe in 1400 ows a lot to its Christian roots settled in the previous centuries. The cradle of Reinassance was possible only after a Christian incubation in the late Middle Age.

For any tourist, both at the first or tenth visit to Florence, it’s hard to find his own way through the huge offer of historical and artistic sites. How such a magnificient heritage was possible? And how to find out in few days?

Let us escort you through the routes of Christian inspiration in Florentine Art. Bring home an everlasting experience!