Cavalcade of the Magi

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Three wise kings from far away kingdoms, experts in science and philosophy, started a long journey when a comet appeared to their sky observations. They knew the star would have guided them to the King of the Universe. They started their long journey through the desert, bringing gifts to honour Him.
When they got to destination, the wonder to find a newborn child should have been overwhelming. They found a cradle where they expected a throne.

It is the Epiphany of Christ, when God shows His nature both to poor sheppard and to wise and powerful kings.

The Visitation of the Magi is celebrated on the 6th of January by western christian church. A long tradtion of devotion to the Magi is present in Florence. Medici family chose the Three Kings as their own patron, and many nativities of Florentine Art in Middle Age and Reinassance have this specific subject.

Nowadays a traditional Cavalcade of the Magi takes place on the 6th in Florence, as it happens in many parrishes, without horses perheaps! Don’t miss the spectacular Cavalcade starting from Pitti Palace and ending in the Cathedral, with Reinassance rich vestments, horses, sbandieratori and a great parade. Starting in the earl afternoon, it crosses the main streets downtown.