San Giovanni, Florence Patron Saint

Traditions | Giu 21 | 2018 | No Comment

Dear travellers,

if your plan will bring you to Florence on the 24th of June, don’t miss the celebration of San Giovanni Battista, the Patron Saint.
To Saint John the Baptist is dedicated the ancient Baptistery, as typical in medieval towns. This monument characterizes the main spiritual spot of Florence with its shape and bicoloured decoration since the early christianity of Florence. The foundation year is unknown but some date it back to the V century a.C. For sure it was there before the XI century.
The Baptistery plant is an octagon and this choise is not aesthetic. Eight is the number meaning the Redemption, the creation completed in Christ’s Resurrection that opens to Eternity. As God has employed seven days for the Creation, the eighth day is the eternal life in Christ given to everybody by the Grace of Baptism.

Celebration of Saint John the Baptist will be held in the Cathedral on Sunday the 24th at 10.30 am. The Choir of Voci Bianche of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and the Pueri Cantores of Santa Maria del Fiore will sing at the Holy Mass.

At night, find a spot along the river Arno or upon the near hills and stare up at the sky for the traditional fireworks!