Saint Mary Magdalene De’ Pazzi

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On the 25th of May the Catholic Church celebrates a XVI century Saint, virgin and mystic born in Florence. She is Saint Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi, consacrated in the Carmelo order, born in the noble family of Pazzi, prominent in floentine history since the Middle Ages.

She left wonderfull writings of her passionate spirituality, documents of her visions and raptures, interspersed with long period of dryness.

A beautifull church is dedicated to her and it is worth a visit. A Reinassance architecture is enriched by baroque decoration in the inside, including the chapel with Saint’s reliqs.

You can access the church form Borgo Pinti.

The front of the Church recalls another essential monument, linked to the Saint, too. The family of Saint Maria Maddelana had a private chapel next to Santa Croce. The Pazzi Chapel represents a majestic example of Reinassance art both outside and inside. Defenitly a must see in Florence. We can wonder she came here for prayer like a child and that the seeds of sanctity came also in the beauty of this frame.