Go Deeper into Beauty

Florence is not just about Art.

There is a deeper meaning hidden whitin frescos and stones,
engraved by artists to reach you through times and places.

It’s a Truth you can treasure for a lifetime.


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The word “inspirational” comes up a lot from guests when describing their experience with Christian History and Art Tours.
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Tours can be tailored upon interests and guides availability.
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Discover Florence from Middle Age devotion to Reinassance fourishing of faith and arts.

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Tours of major Museums and Institutrions of Christian heritage.

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People, tradition, symbols: learn more about Florence’s Faith treasure in our BLOG.

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Christian Art had educational and poverty cure purposes.

It was an amazing lesson about Gospel and Redemption. It also elevated poor and suffering in hospitals, giving them the dignity of creatures, beloved by God.

Art as mere amusement is a big loss: contemplation of Beauty can still recover the inner meaning of Christian Art and Message.


Let’s recover the origins!